The Digital Millennium Copyright Act aims to ensure that creators of content are not exploited and published on the Internet by others.

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy applies to the “” website and any of its related products and services, outlines how this Website operator addresses copyright infringement notifications and how you may submit a copyright
infringement complaint.

In particular, this legislation focuses on websites where owners don’t know who contributed to each of the articles and that they are a platform for uploading and publishing content. We have a policy for responding to any infringement notice and acting accordingly.

What you need to think about before making a copyright complaint:

Please be advised that you can contact an attorney before submitting a notification to us if you are not sure whether the material you have been reporting is in fact unlawful. The DMCA stipulates that in the notification of copyright infringement, you must give your name and contact information. if you are concerned about the privacy of your personal data.

Reporting copyright infringement

We encourage you to contact us by the email address below if you wish to alert us about any material or activity that infringes our rights.

Email: [email protected]

If you have a response to an email, please give us at least two business days.